Tanjung Lunar

In the circum-Pacific seismic belt, better known as the Ring of Fire, an island named Lombok sits in the warm, deep blue Indonesian Ocean. It is home to the second-tallest volcanic peak in all Indonesia, Mount Ranjani. This is an active volcano and seen as sacred by the Islanders.

Meandering along the southeast coast of Lombok is o­ne of its most famous sights, a black sand beach known as Tanjun Lunar. This beach is home to Buginese fisher folk, who live very simple lives; when not fishing they are collecting seashells at low tide and making beautiful, intricate handicrafts that have been passed down for many generations. The rest of the Tanjung Lunar inhabitants are tourists from all over the globe, coming enjoy to enjoy some excellent surfing, diving and trekking.

Lombok Island is still a magical haven for those who enjoy islands in their natural state. Above Tanjung Lunar looms majestic mountains and lush tropical vegetation. Due to the volcanic soil, the rest of the land is taken up with farming. The most popular mode of transport are horses and carts.

Divers off Tanjung Lunar have a spectacular show awaiting them. The Indonesian Through-Flow sweeps right past Lombok, and brings with it some 35,000 aquatic species, among them white-tip reef and hammerhead sharks, turtles, moray eels, angel fish, ghost pipefish, and cuttlefish. Surfers are attracted to these waters as well, and by word of mouth have made Tanjung Lunar a surfer's paradise.

Sweeping up from Tanjung Lunar is Mount Ranjani, and a daring and spectacular three-day trek up the mountain to the volcanic crater lake is known as o­ne of the most best and most challenging treks in all of Indonesia.

The beautiful black volcanic beach of Tanjung Lunar is waiting to give you the vacation of a lifetime.