Sulawesi is o­ne of the popular destinations in Indonesia for those seeking paradise o­n earth. Since it is the fourth largest territory in the country, it's a vacationer's dream with beaches that stretch out as far as the eye can see.

Lembeh Strait

The Lembeh Strait between North Sulawesi and Lembeh Island is o­ne of the most surreal spots o­n the planet. Many who have ventured believe it is the best spot for scuba diving in the world. Those who are lucky enough to experience it first hand are treated with an underwater civilization of sea-life in just about every shape and color imaginable.

Losari Beach

Losari Beach in Makassar, South Sulawesi not o­nly features breathtaking scenery, but also offers some of the best nightlife in the territory. The hotels and restaurants in the area are modern and sophisticated and create the perfect urban oasis in a mostly wild region. The quintessential Losari experience, however, is to sit o­n the beach and soak up the coral-colored sun as it sets in the distance.

Bunaken National Marine Park

As seen from the Lembeh Strait, Sulawesi is a place with a very rich underwater ecosystem. This trend continues with the Bunaken National Marine Park. With nearly 400 species of coral and 100 species of fish, the park is brimming with spectacular flora and fauna. An official park for less than 20 years, this is a spot that, despite its beauty, has yet to be overrun by tourists.

For a region that is relatively unknown by most of the world, there are more than enough reasons to make Sulawesi o­ne of the most popular in destinations in Indonesia. With such a broad spectrum of color and life, just o­ne visit to this exotic region may leave the rest of the world looking black and white.