Gunung Rinjani
The Island of Lombok in Indonesia has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. Known for its beautiful beaches, volcanoes, history, and varied landscape, Lombok is a perfect holiday destination for those searching for a private location apart from the hustle and bustle of a regular tourist vacation.

Best known for the Gili Islands, these small coral filled islands are famous for their white sandy beaches. The islands offer supreme opportunities for snorkeling and sunbathing. Senggigi is the most developed tourist location o­n Lombok. Equipped with spectacular snorkeling and breathtaking beaches, it is o­ne of the most popular destinations

If volcanoes are your forte, Rinjani is the highest mountain and active volcano o­n Lombok standing at 3,726 m. The mountain is a popular trekker’s destination as hikes to the caldera are common. The hot springs o­n the northern caldera side are rumored to have healing powers.

For the history buffs, Museum Negeri Nusa Tenggara Barat has various exhibits o­n the history of Lombok along with the geology and culture of the island. The museum is an interesting cultural experience that is worth visiting. Furthermore, tourists can purchase hand crafted native items such as: daggers, basket ware, masks, and silver or gold plated cloths.

Pura Lingsar, the capital of Lombok, is considered the holiest place o­n Lombok. A large temple complex, Pura Lingasar combines the Balinese Hindu and Wektu Telu religions in o­ne stunning complex. A true testament to history, the Pura Lingsar is a must see.

Gili Islands, Gunung Rinjani
For the shoppers, Lombok offers numerous native items including: palm leaf wedding trunks, mother of pearl inlayed armoires, bone wood, and bamboo. In addition, ikat and songket, a silver and gold fabric commonly used for sarongs is another popular purchase.

Lombok is the perfect holiday travel destination for those who are hoping for privacy, sun, and sand mixed with just the right amounts of history and culture. With its numerous beaches, volcanoes and trails, Lombok will not disappoint.