Kalasan Temple
The island of Java is o­ne of the most popular destinations in Indonesia. With over 130 million people, it is the world's most populated island. That, of course, results in a variety of must-see places for every visitor to this fascinating location. From ancient ruins to natural wonders, Java has a bit of everything.

Borobudur Temple

Built way back in the ninth century, the Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java, is o­ne of the most famous Buddhist monuments in the world. with its mammoth proportions, it's also o­ne of the largest. In all, the temple features over 500 Buddha statues sprawled across 6 rising platforms. In the late 1970's, UNESCO named the Borobudur a "World Heritage Site," and it remains, to this day, the most popular attraction in Indonesia.

Ijen Crater

The crater lake atop the Ijen volcano is unlike any other site in the world. Up in the mountains of Java, what appears to be a water lake is actually a gigantic vat of brilliant turquoise-colored sulfuric acid. If that's not enough to knock o­ne's socks off, then there's not much that will.

Taman Safari Indonesia

Ijen Volcano
Indonesia not o­nly has a dense population of people, but there are creatures of all sizes milling about the island. In Java, the Taman Safari is the best way for any visitor to experience them. Similar to African safaris, visitors can drive themselves around, but many have found Taman to be much more intimate. Many even get the chance to hold baby orangutans and tigers.

It's obvious why Java is o­ne of the most popular destinations in Indonesia. The sights that the average tourist gets to see are not just interesting and charming, they are completely out-of-this-world.