Mount Kinabalu
Borneo, o­ne of the popular destinations in Indonesia, is located in Southeast Asia. It is the third largest island in the world. Mount Kinabalu has an elevation of 4,095 meters which makes Borneo the world’s third highest island as well. Amazing caves, several national parks, orangutans and rafting are a few of the attractions Borneo has to offer.

Mulu National Park is home to Deer Cave, o­ne of Borneo’s most popular tourist attractions. This natural rock chamber, the largest in the world, can hold forty 747’s standing side by side. The cave is home to swiftlets, bats and insects. More than 1 million bats leave the cave each day in search of food, returning later in the evening. Deer Cave is o­nly accessible by a plank walk-way through the rainforest. Watch out for snakes though, they hang out o­n the handrails.

The Sepilok Orang-utan Rehabilitation Centre rehabilitates and trains orangutans to survive in the wild. Visitors to the center can see the orangutans during their feeding times from platforms. The orangutans come swinging in o­n ropes, land o­n their feeding platforms and eat their bananas. Some orangutans come within feet of tourists making the experience even better.

Try white-water rafting o­n the Padas River for an exciting adventure. The 9 km trip will have your adrenalin rushing at top speed as you raft through III and IV-class rapids. Padas River is o­nly accessible by train so getting to the river is half the fun. As you ride the oldest train in Borneo you will pass through the Murut tribe, famous for their head-hunting skills.

Tropical rainforests, abseiling, deep-sea fishing, proboscis monkey’s, climbing Mount Kinabalu and natural hot springs are a few of the other attractions that Borneo has to offer. Experience Borneo and take home memories to last a lifetime.